Cusco, Lima, Boston, LA… everything


It’s hard to overstate the importance of this month, but I will try anyway: April 2017 was the greatest month of my life to date. If that sound’s a little silly after last month’s glowing post, just hear me out.

  • Hiked Machu Pichu
  • Ate at two of the top 10 restaurants in the world
  • Ran the Boston Marathon
  • Partied at Coachella
  • Started consulting for one of my favourite game companies of all time.

Where month 3 was the turning point, month 4 was the celebration.


It started with a sprint. We landed in Lima with only 1 hour to make the connection on to Cusco, (on another airline!), so it was me and a panicked girl who didn’t want to miss the start of her Ayahuasca trip, racing across the airport, trying to flag down officials of the airline over dense crowds of locals. Eventually we were able to get one of their attention and check ourselves in with not a minute to spare. Heart was racing already and we’ve only just started.

Ceviche #1 of a million

We’re lucky we flew when we did. Peru had...