Coping With Life after an EPIC Year of Travelling



Ok – so clearly I failed at writing blog posts during my year of traveling but I was truly living the life I always dreamed of and forgot…sorry not sorry? Honestly, the trip itself was amazing, but it’s the life I’m living now that’s more interesting. No one talks about this transition and how much it sucks! So here’s how I’m dealing:

1) Being homeless….obviously I’m not living on the streets BUT I gave up my apartment to travel so now I’m “staying” with my parents. ‘Staying’ sounds less pathetic than ‘living’ when telling people what you’re doing with your life. PROs: home cooked meals all the time (because Vanessa don’t cook), free room and board, quality family time. CONs: no personl space, having to check in, sleeping on a futon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m forever grateful for having a loving family that would do anything for me BUT being a 28 year old single woman, it just ain’t for me.

2) What social life? Before travelling I had a pretty established social life in Philly....