Kona, Hawaii


Since December I had it in mind to head to the South Pacific. I thought Hawaii would be a nice stop-over destination where I could adjust to the time zone, figure out my daily sleep and work rhythm and meet my family for a week; my nephew was on his middle school spring break and my father is retired and very into bird watching. While this year I’m doing my best to minimize time spend in the USA during 2019 on account of qualifying for expat tax benefits (only 35 in USA during a 12 month period), I figure reconnaissance of a new US destination while touching base with my family was the best way to spend a week – Dad could do some bird watching and my nephew and I could hit the beach. I found a convenient flight into Kona, Hawaii on The Big Island of Hawaii and while I had stopped there with my family on a cruise ship when I was 12 years old, I was intrigued to see what a longer visit would entail.

I arranged for an Airbnb about fifteen minutes’ walk from Magic Sands Beach in...