50 Shades of Blue • Visiting Chefchaouen, Morocco


Nestled among the Rif Mountains in northern Morocco, Chefchaouen, also known as 'The Blue Pearl,' may easily be one of Africa's best kept secrets. Cloaked in varying shades of blue, this city is a charming retreat from the hustle and bustle of bigger Moroccan cities. Legend has it that the city was painted blue to ward off mosquitos, but the jury's still out on that one. Regardless of the reason, it's pretty spectacular, and definitely worth adding to the bucket list. 


why Chefchaouen?


If you ask anyone why they'd want to visit Chefchaouen, their answer might be obvious (all blue errrrthing), but there's so much more to this charming city than its hues. This Moroccan gem started as a kasbah, or a city within a city, enclosed by a defensive...