A weekend in Madrid


While Barcelona may be Spain's most visited city, there's a lot to be said about Madrid. As the capital and largest city, Madrid is known for its beautiful parks, rich culture, and of course, bomb Spanish food. If you're looking for a more local way to explore Spain, this capital city is right up your alley. Here's a look at my favorite places to visit, wine, and dine during a weekend in Madrid. 

 visit: royal palace of madrid

Royal Palace of Madrid

I've heard from a few people that the Royal Palace of Madrid is one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe, so naturally I had to check it out. For 10 Euro (11 Euro during peak season), you can visit and explore the palace grounds and tons of extravagantly decorated rooms filled with antiques and royal artifacts. 

View from the palace courtyard

Before you even step foot inside the castle, you'll find sweeping panoramic views of Madrid from right off the courtyard. Make sure to get your photos in now, because photos within the palace...