Drinking Like a Local in Prague


If there's one thing Prague is known for, it's beer. But that doesn't mean the locals just sit around and drink it. From beer-themed meals to beer spas, I've rounded up the city's most interesting and worthwhile ale activities to help you drink like a local in Prague. 

1. Try a Beer-Themed Three Course Meal 

Strahov Monastery Brewing got its start centuries ago when the monks began brewing beer. The brewery was damaged by war, and was rebuilt in 2000 as a modern restaurant and brewery. There are four beers on tap... three that are always offered, and one seasonal. Their St. Norberts IPA was my favorite, but all of the beers we tried were unique, flavorful, and drinkable. 

Strahov Monastery Brewing

Strahov is just a short walk from the back of the Prague castle... and trust me, after hiking up all those stairs to get to the grounds, you'll want some good food and an ice-cold beer. The restaurant has indoor seating as well as a cute outdoor patio equipped with heat lamps and fleece...