Oktoberfest: what to know before you go


So, you've decided to go to Oktoberfest. Prepping for the Holy Grail of beer festivals isn't just about drinking as much beer as possible. Before you cross this one off the bucket list, here's everything you want to know before you go:

Oktoberfest grounds

 What to wear:

First things first: if you're going to dress up for Oktoberfest (which pretty much everyone does), you have to think about it somewhat ahead of time. Men traditionally wear lederhosen with checkered shirts, while women wear dirndls. You can purchase these in Munich, or you can buy them online beforehand. While that seems easy enough... ladies, there's something you have to know about tying the bow: placement matters. Tying your apron bow on the left means you're single, right means you're taken, and tying it in the middle (the most common mistake) means you're a virgin 😳

RIP silver shoes

Feeling v German

The next thing you'll want to remember is to wear cheap shoes. Don't take this one lightly. By the end of...