Boston: The Greatest City in the World


Boston, Massachusetts.

This is our fucking city.” – David Ortiz

David Ortiz’s world in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing were a rallying cry for a city that just had it’s whole world flipped upside down.

On April 15, 2013 two cowardly young men took the lives of 4 and the peace of mind of countless others with an act of terror on Boston’s biggest day.

Boston bounces back

Since that day, Boston has done what Boston does…

Rally together and pick each other up.

In 2015, Mayor Marty Walsh and the City of Boston officially dubbed April 15th as “One Boston Day.” A day to remember. A day to reflect. A day to do good.

The most amazing thing about OBD is that rather than becoming a day that very easily could have been marked by sadness, it has instead become a day of resiliency and spreading kindness.

Thousands take to their local communities to perform acts of kindness and charity. The impact the survivors have had is absolutely outstanding.

For the past few years, I’ve been...