Day 365


When you travel around the world for a year, you learn a lot about time travel. That’s correct. Not “travel,” but “time travel.”

You’ll find your mind wandering going backwards in time.

“I could have done this differently.”

“I should have said this instead.”

“What if I didn’t do this?”

“What if i did…?”

There’s plenty of alone time on the road to think back on the past. Not just over the course of the year, but over the course of your life. Choices you made, people you met, behaviors you developed.

They’re all right there for you to regret OR for you to reminisce about. Hopefully, a bit of both.

There’s also equally as much alone time to look at the future. Again, not just what am I doing next weekend? But where will I be in a month? In a year? In 5 years?

You get excited about choices you might make, people you want to meet, habits you hope to develop.

On the road there’s just as much time to get jacked up about a new idea as there is to be scared shitless about what’s next....