I’m Obsessed With This Instagram-Obsessed Drug Mule


NY Daily News – Melina Roberge -Instagram-obsessed drug mule cries as she is sentenced to eight years for trying to smuggle cocaine on cruise ship

A 24-year-old drug mule from Canada obsessed with Instagram “likes” broke down in tears in an Australian courtroom as she was sentenced to eight years in prison on Wednesday.

Melina Roberge is likely to be deported after she serves time for her part in trying to smuggle $16 million worth of cocaine into Sydney aboard a cruise ship.

I fall fast

A few weeks back I wrote about falling in love with a girl who bankrupt herself trying to get Instagram famous. Our romance was certainly brief, but there’s no denying the incredible chemistry between the two of us. I mean…

Well, now we’ve gone and done a complete 180.

Melina Roberge said, “I see your bankruptcy, Lissette, and I raise you an imprisonment.” These women. They just know the way to my heart.

But Melina, rather than losing all her money trying to get Instagram famous, instead...