Instagram Backstories – Breakfast in the Pool


We’re going to try out a new little game here. For the past year I’ve sat idly by and refused to acknowledge the ridiculousness of Instagram. I, too, was swept up in the madness of becoming a famous “travel Instagrammer” when I first left to roam around the world. I mean, I even set a made-up prop bet for myself at a casual 10,000 followers by year’s end (I’m currently around 1/10 of that…). It seemed easy enough.

What I’ve learned, however, is that building any sort of audience online is hard work. Whether it’s with a blog, on Instagram or some sort of outrageously bold attempt to resurrect MySpace, you have to be ruthlessly consistent, always-on and generally willing to remove an article of clothing or two.

The people who build massive Instagram audiences are impressive. There’s no denying that. Many of them often shoot, edit, write and post dozens of pieces of content a week. It can be a full-time job in itself, BUT there’s also no denying that some of them have moved into the...