Lonely Planet Interview – Ryan Dunn


*** Article was originally published on Lonely Planet. Some contents have been removed here for brevity.***

When you hear the name “Ryan Dunn,” what’s the first thing you think of?

Bow legs. You obviously think of bow legs. Well, here at Lonely Planet we’re all about peeling back the curtain on world travelers. In our new series, “Definitely Lost, Not Quite Found” we showcase travelers with exceptional stories from around the globe.

Oftentimes, it’s easy to get caught up in the visuals of travel. The picture-esque sunsets, the perfectly orchestrated “breakfast in bed” with an avocado that’s realistically too ripe for eating, but it’s that perfect shade of green/yellow, so you put it in the picture anyways and then toss it to a stray dog who also doesn’t want to eat it. Or maybe it’s just the expertly choreographed photo of you emerging from an infinity pool topless; pecs glistening, hair wet but not too wet, abs definitely there, but probably edited for effect.

Yeah, sometimes we...