5 Go-To Apps – 2nd Edition


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The second edition of five apps that I use almost every day and that make my life a whole lot easier!


Until Adam, a fellow Remote with whom I’m travelling with told me about this app; I belonged to the category of travellers incapable of sleeping on a plane. The very first time I used it as white noise while I was reading and promptly fell asleep within 10 minutes. In short, it probably spared me during my journey of 30+ hours between Lisbon and Kyoto.

The app uses binaural beats to send two different frequencies at the same time which somehow relaxes the brain. It all sounds very sci-fi, but trust me, it’s fantastic! You should give it a try!

(iOS only)

FIO—Figure it Out

The farther I go, the more the maths of time difference evades me. FIO (Figure it out) makes the whole things more transparent and easily accessible in a Chrome tab. Just add the cities that you want to track and boom, you’ll be able to see the time as well as the time...