My 5 go-to apps abroad


By working from literally anywhere, some of the apps on my phone have become essential to me, whether it’s to find a coffee shop to work at or merely to see how much my dinner just cost me. Here are my five go-to apps to explore abroad:

1 – Google Maps

As soon as I get my home address and that of my coworking space, I save them in Google Maps; I can then easily navigate in my new home city. I also put in all the suggestions I get for coffee shops, restaurants or attractions to check out. The navigation function is essential when you can’t read the street signs or know which tram to take to meet your friends!
(iOS or Android)

2 – WHA

WHA for Work Hard Anywhere not only allows to see in which coffee shop it’s good to work in but also the speed of the wifi, if they have power outlets, the cleanliness of the bathrooms, etc.

(iOS only)

3 – WiFi Map

Another app that I use pretty much daily, in WiFi Map, you can see the different networks available around you, but also they passwords! The...